Everything That’s Wrong

04. Outlander on Starz

March 19, 2017

Tracy and Reagan discuss the adaptation of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander book series to a tv show on the Starz network.  Highlights include a frank discussion of the flaws and successes of the wedding night sex scene, why epilogues are terrible, the word "handles" used to describe Twitter usernames just like someone who hasn't used the internet since the days of IRC, and "positivities" as a noun, because sometimes you just have to go with the word that your brain gives you instead of pausing to find the right one.  This isn't an essay, it is a podcast.  Ye be warned.

Opening and closing music: Circus Bender by The Polish Ambassador
Positivity Corner music: Oh! By Jingo! by All-Star Trio
People Agree With Us music: ¡Qué Paciencia! by Los Sundayers

Also, we try to cite our sources before we reference them in the podcast itself but we missed one, so the interview clip we use with Toby Menzies can be found here.

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