Everything That’s Wrong

07. Love Never Dies

March 7, 2019

Tracy and Reagan talk about all the things wrong with the Phantom of the Opera sequel Love Never Dies.  For some reason, old man Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber decided he needed to make this thing and we decided we needed to see it.  Come for the giant, dancing skeletal rat monster, stay for the take down of Christine and Phantom's star-crossed love… Anyway, Tracy doesn't agree with me (even people who are usually right can sometimes be wrong) but there is no way the original musical and this show are in the same continuity.  This is alternate universe Phantom, Christine, and Raoul. That's the only way the plot works, Tracy. The only way.

(Abusing my synopsis-writing privileges…  Mwahahaha…)




Opening and closing music: Circus Bender by The Polish Ambassador

Positivity Corner music: Oh! By Jingo! by All-Star Trio

People Agree With Us music: ¡Qué Paciencia! by Los Sundayers


Also, we added a couple clips in post-production that we didn't have planned, so we don't give them credit as they occur, so let's do that now.  These are:


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